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Petra Virta

Google is been so very strictly specially in SEO things and i am glad you share it for a lot of points,being number 1 in google search engine is one of a main goal of all seo guy's in Finland they it is one of their target however you really need to take a lot of time before you can reach that goal.

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SEO still relevant? Absolutely, I believe SEO is still a key component in helping the search engines to identify useful information that is most valuable to the actual searcher. Next, focus on creating really valuable site content.
And i always tell clients that they need good “marketing content” on their website, as opposed to just keyword optimized content. This is important for converting site visitors into customers.

Tamekah Mathews

SEO is still beneficial and helps in promoting your site if it is carried out properly. Good content is the main thing which one need to keep in ind to have better rankings.

Glenn Evans

I totally agree that SEO is still relevant. Many of the search results that show up on Google also appear on other leading search engines, which means that there’s really more than one avenue to find a website on. It’s just a matter of knowing which SEO techniques are most effective, and how to make them all work for the clients.

Seo Services

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Jamie Viggiano

The most important thing to remember, both with SEO and the creation and maintenance of company and business websites, are the PEOPLE. It takes a good SEO team, whose members work together to make SEO techniques work to their full potential. The website itself should aim for what the people want without sacrificing credibility and professionalism. A website can be made very attractive and fully interactive, but if the visitor gets nothing from it, then it would all be for naught.

niche blog comment

A website can be made very attractive and fully interactive, but if the visitor gets nothing from it, then it would all be for naught.

Staci Burruel

Jamie’s got a great point regarding the team behind SEO companies. With so many possible strategies for effective and relevant SEO, it’s best to put together a team of capable and creative minds. If there are more ideas, there are better chances of finding the ones that definitely work.

design schweiz

Nice Blogs!! Here i saw here more informations and collect few datas about SEO.If you Update More Datas i'll sure again i visit your blog!!

EIM Solutions

How have you tried to deal with Panda, penguin and nofollow?

Toronto SEO

Great article! Yeah, I was wondering about the panda penguin thing too?

charitable giving

This is very interesting. thanks for that. we need more sites like this.


EIM Solutions,
Google’s Penguin updates are designed to penalize sites that are “over-optimized”. So, I encourage having at least 250 words of site copy per page and include quality content that is relevant to your viewers. Also, be sure you’re not keyword stuffing your site.

No follow links are designed to prevent search engine spam. It was originally designed to stop comment spam in blogs. But, it is also beneficial to many social media sites as well.

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